Partners Scheme

Working With MGC

What is a Partner?

We work with web design agencies, marketing agencies and even other digital marketing agencies on a white label and referral basis.

What does this mean?

This allows you to feel confident to offer your client a full agency service where before you may not have been able to. The MGC are a full marketing agency and have the capability to offer all services and we love nothing more than helping agencies “fill the gap” in their missing service offerings.

When partnering up with us we offer a full white label service with a NDA agreement (Non-disclosure) in place to ensure you’re protected.


We do not force our clients into contracts, so why should we force partners and their clients into contracts. We operate on a 30-day notice period with all clients rather than locking people into contracts that they feel unhappy with. We are confident in our ability and the work we perform and know you will love it too. So why force someone into a contract… if you are happy, you’ll stay on board!

Services We Partner For:

We will partner on any service we offer! For more information on partner pricing please get in touch via the sales email or on the telephone! We look forward to hearing from you.

Partner Portfolio

As we have an NDA with partners in place, we of course do not disclose information. However, we have tons of retail and direct clients we can show you examples of great work and give you an example of all the material that we would provide on a white label basis.

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