Green Office Concept

What was required? (Branding, Web Design)

Who are Green Office Concept

Green Office Concept provides invaluable solutions and services to companies who are relocating or downsizing a current location in the USA or Globally.  We take away the challenge of what to do with office furniture and equipment no longer wanted or needed and find solutions following the Three R’s– Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Our company strives with every project towards extending the life and productivity of all unwanted items through the provision of reduction strategies; utilization of reuse programs; local community projects and charity donations; as well as recycling materials with the ultimate goal of less than 10% to landfill.

The Challenge

Tony Black, founder of Green Office Concept contacted us with the need to complete refresh and modernize both the brand and the website. 

The Solution

We created a brand that truly represented the core values of Tony and his business. The website has a very professional feel but also highlights the elements of sustainability and eco-consciousness, something very close to the heart of the business.  

The Features

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