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MGC Esports launched in the fourth quarter of 2020. After a very eventful year and one to go down in history we thought why not make a little more; launching into the scene proudly powered by our head sponsor: Pulse Natural Energy. Use Code MGC30 for 30% discount at checkout!

Behind the scenes of our eSports team is two veterans of the scene in CEO Mitchell “GALVZ” Galvin and also COO Rory “REZ” Hunter. Between the two players they have attended over 40 LAN Tournaments including overseas events in Europe and the United States of America.

Our core values are to help teams grow and nurture not just their skills but their personalities, health, and wellbeing to grow not just as gamers but as people.

MGC Team

Our key personnel
at the core of our Esports division!


Rory "REZ" Hunter

COO / Ex Pro

Mitch "GALVZ" Galvin

CEO / Ex Pro

Connor "Smith" Hollingsworth

Director Of Esports

Jordan Head

Director Of Esports

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You can keep up to date with everything MGC Esports by following the twitter @themgcesports.

Look out for us across the Esports scene throughout 2021!